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I sell wood shiped in flat rate boxes via USPS , the dimensions of the two boxes available are;

11 7/8" x 3 3/8" x 13 5/8"
11" x 8.5" x 5.5"

Boxes of Oregon Myrtlewood sell for $20. including shipping.
Boxes of Maple sell for $20. including shipping.

The prices above will cover wood not posted on the website and will be filled based on whats available at the time the order is filled.

Specific batches of wood will be posted with pictures individually and sold as priced with the picture.

All wood will be sealed with an end grain sealer in spite of the fact that they are mostly air dried a minimum of one year.
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I find myself in an odd position, I just found more wood that I just gotta have, while cleaning out one of my small closet sized storage areas trying to make room to store the new wood, this is what I found.

Please help me make more room, the new wood is "gotta have". (I thought my only addiction was woodturning, but I find that obtaining more wood is also an addiction)
NO the dog is not for sale.

Left to right

The spalted pecan is 1" thick.

The Myrtlewood cant varies in thickness from almost nothing to about 4 inches, the bandsaw mill wandered a bit but the wood is beautiful.

This is a piece of figured myrtlewood 2+" thick by about 6" wide and 3+' long.

This is spalted Maple with a lot of burl like figure in it, 2" thick about 14" wide and 5+' long.

This piece of maple has a lot of quilting in it. Its about 2"thick and varies in width, its also 5+' long.

All the wood above is air dried approxamately 3 years long, It will have to be custom cut to fit in boxes and will be sold only by specific request.
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