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This vase was turned from Spalted Oregon Myrtlewood it is one of my favorites
This vase is turned from Oregon Myrtlewood
This vase is also turned from Oregon Myrtlewood
These are pictures of one of my latest hollowforms.  It is a new shape for me, and not having small hollowform tools I took a hint from something I once heard David Ellsworth say, I started collecting old screwdrivers and bent and sharpened them to hollow this out. 

The wood is spalted tiger myrtle, the collar is ebony, the ebony I had was checked pretty badly, but it was all I had on hand that seemed to fit the piece.
This hollowform is turned from Big Leaf Maple burl, with its dramatic bark inclusions it would look beautiful anywhere. It is 8.5" tall and 5.5" wide.
This hollowform is turned from a 100 year old cypress tree that was being removed from the top of a house. It came down in a windstorm.  The form is 13" tall and 8.5" wide at the top.