This bedside lamp is turned from
Big Leaf Maple  it is one of a pair
I turned for my wife.
The candle stand on the left is approxamately 8 inches tall and is made from Oregon Myrtlewood. It is finished with lacquer.
The candle stand on the right is approxamately 7 inches tall, it is turned from Port Orford White Cedar and is finished with my special oil mix.
This salt shaker and peppermill were turned from Big Leaf Maple.
The peppermill is 8" tall and made with a quality stainless steel mechanism.
They are both finished with my special oil blend.
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This purpleheart salt and pepper set comes with a small toothpic holder.
I turned these for a man who works for the vets clinic here.
This is a pair of Big Leaf Maple salt and pepper shakers with Macassar Ebony tops.
These small toothpick holders are turned from
Big Leaf Maple and Oregon Myrtlewood.
  The three on the left are finished with oil and shelac, commonly called french polish, the one on the right is lightly coated with my special oil mix.
Here we show a couple spalted Oregon Myrtlewood candle holders with a small goblet form.  All of these were given a very light coating of my special oil mix.
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This 3 piece walking stick is 34 1/2" tall to the top of the handle and is made from Maple,  I make these custom for each customer, when ordering specify wood desired and exact height needed.