Just a few of the many boxes I have turned.
The box on the right is what I refer to as a ring box. Ring boxes are approximately 2-3 inches in diameter and 2-4 inches tall.

My wife keeps one at the kitchen sink to put her wedding ring in to keep it safe while washing dishes.

Generally I turn these from the finest "spalted" stock I can find to complement the ring and to be a showpiece even in a kitchen with its amazingly beautiful patterns in the wood.
These boxes are turned from spalted Oregon Maple.  You can easily see the intricate spalt lines running completely through the wood.

These boxes are shown together to show how the interior is just as beautiful as the exterior.

I just love the appearance of this wood, these boxes are finished with a satin lacquer then buffed with a high carnuba content wax to give a lustrous feel.
This box is turned from spalted Fiddleback Maple and is finished the same way.
The box on the left is of a style I refer to as storage boxes, I keep a largish one on the table in my bedroom and toss my pocket junk in it.

The one shown is turned from Oregon Myrtlewood  that I had laying around.
Here we show a couple different styles of boxes. While exterior shape is similar, size and wood quality are  the main differences.
In this picture is a "storage" box. It is 4 inches wide and 5.5 inches tall, turned from Oregon Myrtlewood and is finished with a satin lacquer.
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This box is turned from spalted Big Leaf Maple. It is 6.5" tall by 5.5 tall, the finish is lacquer.
This box is turned from Oregon Myrtlewood burl, it is 4.75" tall by 3" wide